haunted Pub Crawl

Put some spooky in your spirits. Join in on a fun and frightening tour around the most haunted Gin Joints of Chattanooga. This tour is full of spine tingling tales and soul chilling cocktails. 21 and over only.

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Haunted Pub Crawl

Meet BuBu, the concierge ghost that moves things when you aren't looking. 

Hear the tale of Ole Willy who still sends chills up the spines of bartenders. 

And let's not forget the Ice Hole Ghost or the Dark Lady roaming the balcony on one local haunt. 

Explore the alley where apparitions from the underground still walk the cobblestone street.

And uncover the story of firefighters battling a blaze for over a century

And much much more! 21 and over only and bring your ID to be served alcohol.


Join The Haunted Pub Crawl

The Pub Crawl is held Thurs thru Saturday nights at 7pm.

21 an over only, bring your IDs.  

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